First, about the manufacturer work, if you have ever been to a watch manufacturer, you will notice that it must have a single producing line special for sample order, and of course, there will be with the same amount of staff. So, it means that we use a whole producing line and the same labor cost even for 1 watch just AS SAME AS the mass producing of 500 pcs even more. Not to mention the subsequent QC process and the assembly work.

 Secondly, about the new mold fee. It is obvious that manufacturer has to open the new mold for our customers` case and dial and even strap if our customers have requirements, so there will be new mold fee, on the other word, a watch manufacturer don’t have an existing mold so they have to create one. Those costs are the most important when producing a sample. And we wish our customers can be really be known that this cost depends on their specific design and the price is to be measured according to it. For this, our suggestion is to use a similar one.

Finally, there is one thing need to be clear that there are not have all the watch in stock and we didn’t do all the model that you see on our site. Maybe some of them are just design charts because we are professionals in OEM. So what if we have an existing case model and you just put your logo or even our own logo on it? Yes, there will be not new mold fee, but pls understand that the price will be still higher than the big order, Because when we producing your watch, we have to take the loose when we purchase from our suppliers into consideration also! For example, you just need one hand, but the moq the hand factory tells us is 1000 pcs, then we have to afford the extra 999 hands lose, which will ensure increase your cost for the watch. And it is the same for the case, dial, strap, and other parts even you don’t have to open a new mold. Anyway, it will be much lower than what you open a new one!

Foksy is very responsible for our customers` sample and provide a quality sample and offer sample cost refund when the customers place mass order : ) So please feel free to contact FOKSY if you have any question about the sample. Foksy always welcomes you.

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