Why does the color of your watch fade?

If the material of the watch is an important factor affecting its color, then our habit of wearing the watch and the environment are the main factors to maintain the color.

If it meets users who sweat a lot, the life of the plating will be reduced accordingly.

If it encounters acids, alkalis, or corrosive gases, the age of the gold-plated layer will be greatly reduced, and the corners of the appearance that are susceptible to friction will also be easier to fade. Therefore, it is very troublesome to pay attention to living habits and daily maintenance when wearing it.

The most common gold watch is rose gold and gold. The gold-plated layer on common rose gold watches is mostly 14K gold, which contains a certain amount of silver and copper in addition to 58.5% of gold. Silver and some volatile industrial waste gas in the air will react to produce a black thin film which will make the gold-plated watch lose its luster.

Gold-plated watches should always avoid contact with chemical substances. Keep the watch dry and clean. The oxides in sweat are also corrosive to gold watches. We should often wipe them with flannel. We can also apply a layer of colorless nail polish evenly before wearing the gold watch, which can play a protective role. Applying it every 1 to 2 months can keep the gold watch shiny and prevent wear.

Normally worn in black and gold, it will not fade for a year, and the color will become lighter in the future. The duration of rose gold is shorter.

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