What is the difference between our product and others?

You might looks the same for the watches from us and from other companies, and you will wonder how to choose a suitable supplier. From the appearance, it doesn’t have much difference, but for the prices, it will be a lot of difference, why?

  • The watch materials: We will choose higher quality materials while controlling the cost. For example, our Batty and bottom cover are made of stainless steel. Some suppliers may choose iron. In this case, the waterproof is not high. There are many other materials looks the same, but actually its cost and durable are totally different.
  • Our watch workmanship is more refined for the same product.
  • Our quality inspection requirements are more stringent, and water resistance is strictly tested.
  • The biggest difference between us and others should be our service. From the timely reply of the sales staff to the customer, to the barrier-free communication, the punctual delivery time, the most important thing is after-sales service. A watch is an electronic product, and problems are unavoidable. Our company provides very detailed after-sales protection clauses, so that customers can rest assured to do their own business, and leave other things to us. In addition, we have a lot of QC procedures for products, which are more stringent. For products of the same price, we ask ourselves to make better quality. For products of the same quality, we ask ourselves to do better service for gue

A simple water resistant testing video for your reference:

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