What is the difference between 3ATM, 5ATM, and 10ATM Water-resistant for the watch?

In sales, many customers often ask: Can I take a shower with 3ATM watches? Can I swim with 5ATM watches?…

30 Metres (3ATM)

if your watch says 30 metres or 3ATM (ATM meaning atmospheres) then IT DOES NOT mean it’s water-resistant to 30 metres below sea level. In reality, it means that your watch can withstand splashes of water from washing your hands or getting caught in the rain … and that’s about it. It is also imperative that you don’t take a watch with this little water resistance into the shower with you, because steam has an incredibly nasty habit of getting into places you’d never otherwise imagine.

50 Metres (5ATM)

If your watch says 50 metres or 5ATM (ATM meaning atmospheres) then IT DOES NOT mean it’s water-resistant to 50 metres below sea level. 5ATM is similar to 3ATM, that is to say, they are not very resistant to water at all. The same rules apply as 3ATM — splashes of water fine, swimming not fine. Depending on who you ask, maybe some will say that it’s OK to wear a 5ATM watch into the shower, but once again I wouldn’t risk it. If I’m being frank, wearing a watch in the shower just seems like a resolutely bad idea.

100 Metres (10ATM)

If your watch is rated to 100 metres or 10ATM of water resistance, it means that you can go swimming with it on or even go snorkelling. You’ll find that often 10ATM watches also with a screw-down crown and/or screw-down case back, which ensures a superior level of water resistance compared to watches that don’t have these features. However, 10ATM doesn’t mean you can go diving 100 metres below sea level while wearing the watch.

So you can choose the water-resistant that you want. And Foksy can help you to customize it.

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