What are the benefits of wearing a watch?

With the progress of the times and the rapid development of technology, more and more people are addicted to the Internet. Modern people are increasingly inseparable from their mobile phones. Whether they are taking the subway, eating, sleeping, or going to the toilet, people are staring at their mobile phones.Therefore, for this kind of people, we gave them a nickname called “smartphone addicts” or “phubber”.

As we know, today’s smart phones have many functions, and we can also know the time through the phone.So now there is a question, why are so many people still wearing watches?

Now I will tell you some of the advantages of wearing a watch.

Watching the watch is a very convenient and normal action. You only need to raise your wrist to see it, but if you want to see the time through your mobile phone, you need to take out your mobile phone from your pocket and then turn on the screen to see the time.

If a person often raises their wrist to check the time, then we will think that this person has a sense of time, and understands time planning. This will leave a good impression in the workplace.

When you need to check the time, it is not suitable for all occasions to take out your phone, such as in a meeting. But if you just gently raise your hand and glance at the watch, it is a simple action without affecting the atmosphere. If you are on a date with someone, pretending to look at your watch inadvertently, and then say, wow, you are really punctual, this will also leave the other person with the impression that you are punctual and trustworthy.

In the 1950s and 1960s, cars were far from being close to the people. Men are obsessed with mechanical watches, just like girls are obsessed with lipstick. Once they are obsessed with lipstick, it is difficult to restrain themselves. Therefore, if you study mechanical watches, people will think that this person has good taste. When you need a business meeting, a three-handed one-line watch can not only reflect your rigorous and sincere attitude, but also allow partners to see your unique and elegant taste.

But I also know that many people currently do not have the financial means to buy famous brand watches like Patek Philippe and Rolex. But if you rely on your love of watches and delve into the knowledge of watches, then while you have a deep understanding of high-end watches, you can also understand the relevant levels of high-end consumption concepts.

Watches are just like clothes. When attending different occasions, they should be matched with different styles of watches to reflect your good personal taste. When you go golfing, horse riding, and bowling, you wear a watch with a sporty style, which makes you look full of vitality.

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