Water resistant for watch

Waterproof performance has always been one of the more concerning topics for watch lovers, but there are many misunderstandings about the cognition of watch waterproofing. The water resistance level of the watch is different, and the applicable scenes are quite different. Some friends’ hands clearly have a waterproof 3ATM mark, but why do they still get water?

Waterproof meters are mainly divided into four major grades: 30 meters waterproof, 50 meters waterproof, 100 meters waterproof, and 200 meters waterproof.

A watch with a water resistance of 30 meters (ie 3ATM) is waterproof in daily life and can be used for daily grooming or being splashed by rain, that is, water splashes on the surface of the watch without causing any water pressure on the watch.
A watch with a water resistance of 50 meters is an enhanced daily life waterproof. It can be used for washing hands, face, vegetables, and other household tasks. It can be washed with a small amount of cold water and cannot be soaked in water.
A watch with a water resistance of 100 meters can be used for swimming in shallow waters.
Watches with a water resistance of more than 200 meters can swim and dive in moderately deep water areas.

Non-diving watches do not indicate the specific diving depth but are expressed in ATM or m. ATM is the abbreviation of English compression value, 1ATM is equivalent to the pressure of 1 atmosphere, namely: 2ATM=20m waterproof, 3ATM=30m waterproof, 5ATM=50m waterproof, and so on

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