Watch/ Sapphire VS Mineral Crystal

Normally, for the watches, we will use mineral glass or sapphire glass according to our customer’s requirements. Of course, their price is different, so what is the difference between them?

Mineral glass

Mineral glass is a material made out of glass. Almost all mineral glass watches today are tempered mineral glass. This means that the surface of the glass is heat-hardened, i.e. heated to a high temperature, which increases the hardness of the surface of the glass and thus does not break or scratch as easily.

The mineral glass is relatively hard and durable but does not give up at all in the event of an impact but shatters. If scratched, the mineral glass cannot be polished and must be replaced. However, it withstands relatively well in normal use and requires a hard impact to break.

Sapphire glass

Normally, we will use sapphire glass on the High-end expensive watches. Sapphire is very strong and scratch-resistant and is a more expensive crystal than the others. The advantages to a Sapphire crystal include its resistance to scratches, shattering, it can withstand cracks, and a lower chance of breaking.

So which glass do you need?

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