In 2020, the performance of many companies is not very good, and many companies even take a long break. In this year, foksy’s customers increased by 100% and sales increased by 50%. why?
We have studied many peers and communicated with customers in detail, and get the following reasons:
1. Design that fits the market
Foksy watch designs have studied the hot-selling styles on the market and made corresponding changes to avoid infringement and meet the needs of customers.
2. Low MOQ
Many styles can be customized with 50 pcs. Customers can start their own business without investing too much.
3. Very timely and patient communication
In addition to sleeping, our sales staff respond to customer questions in a timely manner. Be patient with customers, help customers solve problems, and provide customers with reasonable suggestions.
4. High-quality after-sales service
When there is a quality problem, we are not the responsibility of whom we are looking for at the first time, but to solve the problem for the customer immediately, so that the customer can rest assured.
5. Quality Assurance
Since our designs are very fashionable and our customers sell well, there are naturally many copycats in the market. But after comparison with real products, our products are more competitive.

our aim is: Be your department, not only be a supplier. we grow together. cooperate with Foksy watch, you will find a business helper!

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