The color of the year in the watch world belongs to Tiffany Blue

At the end of 2021, Swiss luxury watch brand Patek Philippe and American high-end jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. released a Tiffany blue dial Nautilus (Nautilus) 5711/1A-018 stainless steel watch as a celebration of the two brands Commemoration of the 170th anniversary of the cooperation. The watch is limited to 170 pieces, and the public price is 52,635 US dollars.

There is a “seven-second color” theory in marketing, which means that after a product enters the consumer’s field of vision, people will determine whether they are interested in the product within seven seconds. In this critical seven seconds, the role of color accounted for more than 60%, becoming an important factor in determining whether people have a desire to buy goods. This is also an important basis for color marketing.

The case of color marketing is not unfamiliar in our lives, especially the highly distinguished brand colors, which can almost instantly awaken our cognitive memory of the big names. For example, impressive Chanel black and white, Hermes orange and Tiffany blue have all become part of the brand’s genes.

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