Some things you need to know about mechanical watches

There are many toys for mature men, such as cars and antiques, but these are not as favored as mechanical watches. A mechanical watch is to a man what a brand-name bag is to a woman. There are never enough people who love it. People who don’t understand it have all kinds of questions. “Mechanical watches are so expensive, why do some people buy mechanical watches?” Or “Mechanical watches are very inefficient. There are no quartz watches including tourbillons. They don’t understand people who spend so much money on mechanical watches.” So where is the mechanical watch worthy of love? Why is it so expensive? Are mechanical watches really inaccurate? ……There are 10 things to learn about mechanical watches.

No.1 The original interaction between machines is the charm of mechanical watches

As the name implies, a mechanical watch is a watch that completely relies on mechanical principles to complete its timekeeping work. Simply put, it is completely driven by internal mechanical structures such as clockwork and gears, rather than batteries, light energy or other energy-driven clocks. It is divided into automatic winding. There are two kinds of manual winding. The power source of these two mechanical watches comes from relying on the mainspring in the movement to drive the gears to push the hands. The only difference is that the way of power source is different. The manual winding mechanical watch relies on the power generated by rotating the crown to drive the mainspring. The thickness of the movement is thinner than the general automatic winding watch, and the weight of the entire watch is relatively lighter. The self-winding watch uses the power generated by the swing of the automatic rotor at the bottom of the movement to drive the clockwork to generate energy, but the thickness of the relative watch is thicker than the general manual winding watch, and most of them have manual at the same time. The function of the chain.

No.2 Some people compare mechanical watches to exquisite works of art

The difference between a mechanical watch and a quartz watch is like the difference between production line production and hand-made. The movement and polishing process of the mechanical watch are worthy of intrigue. For watch lovers, the faint sound of collision and friction of mechanical watch gears is intoxicating. Some enthusiasts will also take apart the watch, shoot various angles of the movement with a professional camera, zoom in and play with it carefully. Can this kind of fun be brought about by relatively cheap quartz watches? The world’s most complicated mechanical watch selected by the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards-Vacheron Constantin Loft Craftsman Series Celestial Super Complex Watch 3600. Contains 514 movement parts, all handmade, priced at 6.65 million. Everywhere is art, worthy of careful play.

No.3 Mechanical watches are expensive in many places, the most expensive is the energy and time to build

The beauty of mechanical watches is a kind of small and exquisite beauty, which is closely related to craftsmanship. The processes of precious mechanical watches from movement production, polishing, engraving and painting, to jewelry setting are almost all done by hand. Exquisite handicrafts are very similar, they are all handmade art. Not to mention the brand value, the technical value of the movement and the value of precious metals such as gems, the energy and time cost spent on a piece of art is also inestimable, which is why mechanical watches are expensive. Just polishing and polishing will consume countless man-hours of artisans. The polished appearance of the mechanical watch, like the case and bracelet, can also fully reflect the grade of this watch. For example, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak, the octagonal case is very special, the production process is much more complicated than that of the round case. The polishing of the case and bracelet usually requires dozens of processes to bring superior quality to people. The texture and the effort spent in it are beyond our imagination. Not to mention the polishing of the movement. As the so-called “you get what you pay for,” entry-level mechanical watches are mostly only slightly modified on the oscillating weight. The overall view is “clear soup and little water.” At the mid-end level, fish scale patterns and even Geneva ripples appeared grandiosely. For high-end mechanical watches, the movement polishing is even more outstanding, and some will have special polishing with very brand characteristics, such as Omega’s radial Arabian Geneva ripples and so on.

No.4 Mechanical watches can’t just talk about heroes with precision

Due to the working principle, mechanical watches are affected by various influences such as magnetic field, temperature, friction, balance of hairspring, etc., and their travel time is indeed inferior to quartz watches and electronic watches. Depending on the quality of the movement, the deviation of the accuracy of an automatic mechanical watch is between positive 30 seconds and negative 5 seconds. The observatory-certified movement cannot exceed 4 seconds slow and cannot exceed 6 seconds fast. Quartz watches are extremely accurate, and the annual error is very low: less than one minute per year, that is, less than one second per day. However, as mentioned earlier, we cannot talk about heroes with precision. The charm of a mechanical watch lies in its artistry, not its precision and practicality. In terms of precise timekeeping, Zenith’s legendary movement El Primero is the most famous movement in the history of watchmaking, and it is also the most accurate series production movement in the world. The newly released Defy series El Primero 21 diamond-encrusted watch is equipped with the Zenith epoch-making masterpiece El Primero 21 movement. Its timekeeping accuracy is as high as one hundredth of a second, and it is inlaid with a total of 5 carats of diamonds. Flourish like stars and intertwined with brilliance, the charm of both interior and exterior and luxury will be raised to a whole new level. volume_upcontent_copyshare

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