Some knowledge about the watch case

At present, the watch cases in the China market mostly use alloy cases, copper cases (semi-steel cases), steel cases (full steel cases), tungsten steel cases, etc.

  1. Alloy case: Generally speaking, the processing technology is simple, the production cycle is short, the output is large, and the price is low. The development has been relatively rapid in recent years. However, due to its deficiencies in water resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., it belongs to the middle and low-end watches.
  2. Copper case (semi-steel case): Copper shell has the advantages of easy processing, beautiful appearance, good waterproof performance, surface wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Many manufacturers mostly adopt it. Its moderate price is also its advantage. Belongs to high- and mid-range watches.
  3. Steel case (full steel case): Generally speaking, the processing is more complicated, the output is small, the price is high, and its performance is higher than the alloy case and the copper case. It is generally used for high-end electronic watches and mechanical or mechanical automatic watches. Belongs to high-end watches.
  4. Tungsten steel case: difficult to process, not easy to wear, and equipped with sapphire glass, Japanese movement tungsten steel strap. This watch is generally a high-end electronic watch.
Stainless steel watch compared with alloy watch

And for our watch case, we focus on the 316l stainless steel case and alloy watch as well. We have different kinds of designs and watch for different requests. FOKSY has a lot of designs for the customers` selections.

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