Quartz watch VS Mechanical watch

Quartz watch: It relies on a battery to provide power and uses the extremely stable high-frequency vibration of quartz crystal as the time reference. Therefore, the timekeeping of the quartz watch is more accurate and the cost is relatively low. It can be described as high quality and low price. Quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches, but mechanical watches retain the traditional texture. Although the watches of the same grade are more expensive than mechanical watches, they still do not affect consumers’ preference for mechanical watches. Features of mechanical watches: 1. The time of mechanical watches is different from that of quartz watches. The second hand of a mechanical watch runs continuously without interruption.

Simply put, quartz watches are accurate in time, 30 times higher than the average accuracy of mechanical watches, low in price, and fashionable in style. The mechanical watch has high technical content and high playability, and the high-end mechanical watch has a high collection value. Moreover, all high-end watches are mechanical watches. For example, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, chronograph, etc. are all the top technology of mechanical watches, especially tourbillon watches. Even domestically produced watches, usually cost tens of thousands, not to mention it. Those Swiss brands too.

quartz movement
mechanical movement

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