New watch case for apple watch 7

Apple pointed out in its latest financial report that the sales of AppleWatch in the last quarter have reached Apple’s expectations, and Cook also said that AppleWatch has broad development prospects. The new quarterly report of the research company StrategyAnalytics has also been released. The data shows that AppleWatch now has a market share of 52%.
For every Apple Watch buyer, the potential customer market for services such as Apple Fitness+ is also increasing.

The main upgrades of the Apple Watch 7 series are in terms of display, durability, and charging capabilities:
First of all, the screen frame of the 7 series is thinner, and the screen size is increased by 20% compared with the 6 series. The smartwatch market generally shifts to larger screens, a trend that has accelerated during the epidemic as people become more focused on health and fitness.
Secondly, the 7 series adopts stronger anti-crack crystal glass and has passed IPX6 dust-proof certification, making it more suitable for active users. Finally, its charging speed has been increased by 33%.

So the Apple Watch 7 series opened up a new market, and we also launched a new corresponding protective case. apple watch case 7, Foksy, as the leading manufacturer of apple cases in China, can provide various styles of high-quality Apple watch cases.

apple watch case 7

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