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Shipping prices increased

Several major shipping companies increased their prices in January 2022 because of an increase in labor and fuel costs, like


Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese Lunar New Year, also called Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in China. Chinese New Year typically begins


FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (6)

1. What’s the difference between 10ATM and 5ATM? 5atm is still within the normal life waterproof range, 10 atm can swim,


FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (5)

1.What’s the difference between mechanical watch and quartz watch? A: The simplest is that the mechanical watch does not need


Apple watch case Series 7

Apple released the apple watch series 7 in 2021, both in terms of design and function, which are upgraded from


Happy New Year

The year 2022 has come, and we can say goodbye to the old days and usher in the new atmosphere

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