Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese Lunar New Year, also called Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in China. Chinese New Year typically begins


FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (6)

1. What’s the difference between 10ATM and 5ATM? 5atm is still within the normal life waterproof range, 10 atm can swim,


FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (5)

1.What’s the difference between mechanical watch and quartz watch? A: The simplest is that the mechanical watch does not need


How to choose watch glass?

The watch glass is also called the watch mirror, which not only facilitates the wearer to read the time at


The color of the year in the watch world belongs to Tiffany Blue

At the end of 2021, Swiss luxury watch brand Patek Philippe and American high-end jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. released


More Knowleage about watch—Watch Diagram

To create a fine timepiece, a number of components must be designed, created and assembled by a team of highly


Quartz watch VS Mechanical watch

Quartz watch: It relies on a battery to provide power and uses the extremely stable high-frequency vibration of quartz crystal


304 Stainless Steel VS 316L Steel

Stainless steel is the most widely used watch material. At present, there are mainly 31 Lei 6-head stainless steel and