Hundred Regiments PK Tournament Launching Ceremony (Part 1)

After winning the PK event at Alibaba in September, Foksy sales team entered the October-December PK tournament with 11 other companies immediately. We had a formal launching ceremony last Sunday. We put on camouflage uniforms uniformly, and first we conducted a simple military stance training. We divided into groups to enter various games. After each game, we discussed together the factors of success or failure in the game, and then sent representatives to share with everyone. Through the game, we can extend to work, how to face and solve the problems we encounter in the work.

After several rounds of the game, Fosky team won the final victory. So our team “dominated the world” and everyone belonged to our team. Everyone shouted our team name and slogan! In the end, more than 100 of us challenged the “big drum” together. We have failed more than 10 times, but we did not give up. We learned from our failures and finally completed the challenge of 103 battle drums!

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