How to wind a automatic watch and adjust the time?

The power source of the machinery is all driven by the mainspring in the movement, which drives the gears and then pushes the hands.
The movement of a mechanical watch is very complicated and the error is large. Generally, it is controlled within 50 seconds as the normal range.
Manual mechanical watches need to be wound manually, and automatic mechanical watches must be worn normally for more than eight hours.

Do you know how to use a automatic watch when you received? Pls refer the below video.

Different movement errors will be larger. The world’s top mechanical watch brands also have an error of 5 seconds per day, and ordinary Japanese mechanical errors are normal within 1 minute. If the requirements for the movement are particularly high, it is recommended to choose a better movement. Foksy has many different types of movements for customers to choose from, please follow us if you want to know more!

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