How To Tell The Difference Between Quartz Watch and Mechanical Watch-(1)

Broadly speaking, watches can be divided into quartz watches and mechanical watches. For people who often deal with watches, it is easy to distinguish between these two types. But for some newcomers, it is still difficult to tell the difference between these two kinds of watches. The following points can make it easy for you to clarify the difference between quartz watches and mechanical watches.


A quartz watch is an electronic system, which utilizes a battery as its primary power source.  A battery sends an electrical current through a small quartz crystal, electrifying the crystal to create vibrations.

Unlike quartz watch, mechanical watch is a fully mechanical system, which relies on a barrel to store energy. Mechanical movement uses energy from a wound spring, rather than a battery, to power the watch. This spring stores energy and transfers it through a series of gears and springs, regulating the release of energy to power the watch.


To put it simply, quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches. For example, the daily error of Swiss mechanical watches is about 30 seconds, while the daily error of quartz watches is about 0.5 seconds. On a quartz watch, the second hand has the tick-tick motion that moves once per second while mechanical watches have a smooth, sweeping seconds motion.


Mechanical watches and quartz watches are basically the same in terms of time adjustment. The difference is that there are two types of mechanical watches, manual and automatic;

Manual mechanical watches need to manually wind the watch before the power is released to ensure its normal operation; Automatic mechanical watches need to be worn for a certain period of time according to each person’s daily wrist activity. Otherwise, it will stop due to insufficient hand movement and insufficient power reserve of the barrel. When stopping, you need to manually wind the watch to provide power for the watch.

We can quickly distinguish the difference between quartz and mechanical watches by principle, accuracy and operation methods. So compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches are relatively simple and suitable for people who are new to the watch industry.

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