How to maintain a mechanical watch?

Watches are one of the necessary tools for our daily travel, and mechanical watches can highlight personal temperament and taste, and are loved by most people. However, there are also many people who do not understand how to maintain a mechanical watch, and even the watch has many different problems or malfunctions. Today, FOKSY will introduce how to maintain mechanical watches!

——For the strap

The watch band is the part that comes into contact with our skin the most. When we wear a watch, the sweat on our hands will corrode the strap. If it is a steel watchband or an alloy watchband, it is relatively simple to handle. Because metal has high corrosion resistance, it only needs to be wiped regularly with a soft cloth. The leather strap is more delicate, not only easy to be corroded, but also easy to produce peculiar smell. Then we can use a small brush to dip a little soapy water, quickly scrub the strap clean, then quickly rinse with clean water, then dry it with a dry cloth, and finally apply some leather oil (for those with sensitive skin, it is recommended not to back it Use any oil), the entire cleaning process is best completed within 10 to 20 seconds to avoid soap penetration and affect the cortex.

—— For the movement

The maintenance of the movement is mainly to send it to a watch shop or after-sales for a professional maintenance, mainly to add watch oil to the movement. It takes about 3-5 years. What we can do daily is not to open the back cover of the watch arbitrarily, so as to prevent dust from entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch!

—— For Storage location

It is best to store the watch without it in the watch box, which can effectively prevent the watch from being broken or being bumped. Try to develop the habit of putting the watch in the box, which can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the watch. Watches that are not worn for long periods of time should also be wound regularly once a month. So as not to keep the watch parts stationary for a long time!

-Don’t wear a watch while sleeping

If your watch have a luminous function, do not wear a watch to sleep. This is because the luminescent material coated on the pointer and dial of the luminous watch is mainly a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide. The radiation emitted by radium can excite the zinc sulfide crystal to emit light. Nine hours of radium radiation is harmful to the human body.

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