How to identify the grade of a waterproof watch?

How to identify the grade of a waterproof watch? Turn the watch over and look at the back cover. If there is the English word “WATER RESISTANT” or “WATERPROOF”, it means that your watch is waterproof, and the number behind the English word (eg: 30M) represents the watch’s waterproof level.

Waterproof performance comparison

Generally speaking, the round watch and the waterproof rubber ring are the closest, so the waterproof effect is the best. According to different watch shapes, the comparison of waterproof performance is round watch>ellipse watch>square or irregular watch. The crown, the back cover, and the edge of the watch mirror are the main places for water to enter, so the design of the watch is also an influencing factor. For example, the spiral-type crown and the thicker-shaped watch usually have a better waterproof function; the ultra-thin watch cannot be effectively waterproof due to the limited space, so the waterproof performance is relatively poor.

Swimming function watch

The watch factory’s tests on the waterproof effect of the watch are all completed under static conditions, that is, the highest compressive value obtained by the watch being pressurized within a few seconds. Therefore, even if the watch is marked with a water resistance of 30 meters or 50 meters, you must not wear the watch unscrupulously while swimming. Theory and practical experience tell us that we must have a watch that can actually be placed underwater at least 100 meters (ie 10ATM) before it can be called a real watch with a swimming function, while a watch with a diving function needs At least 200 meters (ie 20ATM).
A waterproof watch must be worn within the scope and conditions indicated in the manual. It is not suitable for wearing in environments such as sudden and large changes in temperature. Any waterproof watch is not recommended to be used in a hot water environment. Don’t be arrogant anymore, so as not to cause serious damage to our love watch.

3atm water-resistant watch

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