How to find a good watches vendor?

the questions look very difficult to answer, We synthesize the experience of many customers and draw a conclusion for reference only.

1: the vendor has to has his own watches manufacturer.
watches with many parts, if don’t have own factory, they can not control the quality well, especially for small orders.

2: Manufacturers mainly serve branded watches, not gift watches.

Because the brand is a long-term service, it needs to pay more attention to quality and after-sales service, and the gift watch may be a one-off.

3: The sales team is very professional, responds promptly, the action quickly in any situation, much better if he is able to provide appropriate suggestions based on different stages of the customer.

This is very important. If the communication is good, customers can even use the supplier as the company’s own internal team to cooperate, which can save customers time and money.

4: Watches vendor must have a mature quality management system, after-sales service system, and product design capabilities.

Only by understanding market trends that can one design nice watches, with good quality control, then customers can sell well, and make money.

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