How to extend the life of the watch, what should we pay attention to in daily wear?

The service life of the watch is related to whether the wearer uses and maintains the watch correctly. The dirty appearance of the watch, the improper strap length, and the harsh environment can easily damage the watch and shorten its service life. Mid-to-high-end watches should be maintained every two to three years to check the time performance and power consumption of the movement. Regular maintenance services will effectively extend the use time of your watch.

The watch accidentally got into the water. You can use a granular substance called silica gel and put it in a sealed container with standing water together with the watch. After a few hours, take out the watch and the water will disappear.

In fact, after there are many scratches on the surface of the watch, you can put a drop or two of water on the watch, and then squeeze a little toothpaste to wipe it off, and then you can take off the watch and get a new look.

(1) When wearing the watch, the sweat on the hand has a corrosive effect on the case. Since the all-steel shell is made of nickel-chromium alloy, it has better corrosion resistance. The semi-steel shell is made of copper. Wipe off sweat with a soft cloth or place it on a plastic watch frame to prevent it from being corroded by sweat.

(2) Do not open the back cover of the watch at will to prevent dust from entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch.

(3) Do not put the watch in a cabinet with mothballs to avoid deterioration of watch oil.

(4) Do not place the watch on the radio or TV to avoid magnetization.

(5) Watches that are not worn for a long time should be wound regularly every month to prevent the parts from being in a static state for a long time to ensure the running performance of the watch.

If you feel that it is not enough for the watch repair shop editor to tell you how to extend the life of your watch, you can check our related articles on watch maintenance knowledge. In fact, watch maintenance is an endless topic, and the details are in place. The watch is natural. longevity!

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