How to choose watch glass?

The watch glass is also called the watch mirror, which not only facilitates the wearer to read the time at any time, but also protects the dial and hands. There are many kinds of watch glass materials, and different watch glasses have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. But some friends don’t know much about watch glass, so Foksy will tell you what materials are used for watch glass and how we can identify it.

The material of watch glass is divided into three categories: sapphire glass, mineral glass and synthetic glass.

Sapphire glass: The physical and chemical properties of this watch mirror are very stable, and the hardness is very high. Second only to diamond, it can easily deal with scratches, abrasion and erosion. But he hesitated that the hardness is too high, the toughness is not good, and I am very afraid of falling. But many high-end watches will use this kind of watch mirror!

Mineral glass: The surface mirror of this material is characterized by strong resistance to vertical strikes and excellent abrasion resistance. This kind of watch mirror is widely used in mid-range watches, and the watch mirror of general military watches will also use this kind of high hardness glass.

Synthetic glass: also called plexiglass, and another name is “Alec Glass”. The hardness of the watch mirror of this material is not very good, and it is more prone to scratches. But it is very willful and not easy to break. The cost of synthetic glass is very low, and many low-end watches generally use this kind of mirror.

How to identify the material of watch glass ?

First, you can tap the mirror surface to judge the material of the mirror from the sound. Acrylic mirrors make a plastic-like sound, while mineral glass has a thicker sound. Judging from the weight, the acrylic mirror is the lightest and the sapphire mirror is the heaviest. In addition, the thermal conductivity of sapphire is very good. Therefore, when you touch it with your hands, there will be a cold feeling. Finally, the mirror surface of sapphire is much smoother than the mirror surfaces of the other two materials. Therefore, if you drop a drop of water on the sapphire mirror surface, the water droplets will not spread easily on it, while the other materials will disperse into one piece.

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