How much do you know the waterproof rating of a watch?

Watches are the daily companions of modern people. Many people buy watches not just to watch the time, but to attend occasions or match them. However, there are many kinds of watches on the market and their functions are complicated. For novices, as long as the watch can be waterproof, it is considered that the watch can be water-resistant. In fact, this is not the case, today I will talk to you about the waterproof watch!

In addition, some people will also ask, why is the watch waterproof, wear it to swim, or get into the water? Although the current brand watches are basically waterproof. But most of the watches are only 30~50 meters waterproof daily, but if you wash your hands and wash vegetables unscrupulously, then you are wrong. Here 30 meters refers to the pressure unit, the watch can withstand 3 atmospheres, not 30 meters underwater. Therefore, it needs to be noted that it can only resist handwashing, a small amount of splashing water on the washing face, and the “raindrops” that fall when it rains. Let’s talk about the classification of the waterproof function of the watch.

The waterproofness of the watch relies on the waterproof rubber ring on the watch mirror, back cover, handle, etc., so as to reach the corresponding standard. If you have a watch in your hand, you can take off the watch and check the waterproof depth of the back of the watch. Take 30m as an example, the front and back signs are usually 30M, 3ATM, or 3BAR, and so on. 30~50m belongs to daily life waterproof, splash-proof, a small number of raindrops, not rain. The waterproof function level is 100~200m, and now you can wash vegetables happily. The waterproof function level of 300 meters is basically a ridge, which can be used for simple swimming, bathing, light diving, water activities, and so on. The waterproof function level is 600 meters. All sea areas and rivers can be conquered, such as Omega’s Seahorse Ocean Universe 8500 and 8900, but the diving depth cannot exceed a certain limit. In addition to 600 meters, there is a depth of 1200 meters, and the ghost king is 3900 meters. The current data can be found, the world’s highest record is the depth of 534 meters of French divers into the sea.

Finally, I want to tell you that no matter how much your watch is waterproof, do not use it in hot water above 40 degrees Celsius. To prevent the watch from entering water vapor or causing the watch’s waterproof rubber ring to age. Only cherish the watch, remember the limit of the waterproof depth of the watch, and use and wear the watch correctly in daily life can make your watch more durable. I will share it with you today. Friends who like it can like it. Next time, I will continue to share more interesting (practical) content with you!

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