Foreign Trade, the Current State of Logistics (1)

(CCTV Finance “Economic Information Network”) The reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation that from late September to the present, the price of the shipping market from China to the United States has dropped by 30% to 40%;

At the same time, the shipping prices of international routes such as Europe and Southeast Asia have also dropped. The phenomenon of “one box is hard to find” that has caused many foreign trade companies to complain has been significantly alleviated, and foreign trade companies are busy arranging shipments and destocking.

However, in the first half of this year, in March and April, due to rising international shipping costs, the freight of a box of goods even exceeded the price of the goods themselves. In order not to do business at a loss, part of the company’s orders could only be backlogged in the warehouse, causing funds. Withdrawal pressure is high.

According to the monitoring of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation, since late September, the export freight rate of Ningbo Zhoushan Port has fallen for 4 consecutive weeks. Among them, the U.S. line has the largest decline, with a drop of about 30%; the freight rate of the European route is currently about 7,800 per TEU. The US dollar was down 5% from the peak in September; the freight rate of the Singapore-Malaysia route was US$880 per large container, down 14% from the end of September.

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