FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (6)

1. What’s the difference between 10ATM and 5ATM?

5atm is still within the normal life waterproof range, 10 atm can swim, bath, or even Snorkeling.

2. What should I do if the mechanical movement not working?

There are many reasons for the movement not to go, mainly because the last article is not full. Turn the Batty directly for winding, about 30 times. If you still do not leave, it means there is a problem with the movement and we will replace it for free.

3.How long can the IP Plating last?

Normally worn in black and gold, it will not fade for a year, and the color will become lighter in the future. The duration of rose gold is shorter.

If it meets users who sweat a lot, the life of the plating will be reduced accordingly. We have customers in Africa. They said that when they buy rose gold and gold of various qualities, they will fade. In the end, they decided to make only steel-colored watches. Because Africa is so hot

4. Can you provide 3D design?

We can supply your 2D design in free, sometimes, we also can supply the 3D design if the customers confirmed the order. But not all free, it depends on your design and the order quantity.

5. What’s the difference between your product and others?

There is not much difference from the product itself. Many factories in China can achieve the same quality. The biggest difference between us and others should be our service. From the timely reply of the sales staff to the customer, to the barrier-free communication, the punctual delivery time, the most important thing is after-sales service. A watch is an electronic product, and problems are unavoidable. Our company provides very detailed after-sales protection clauses, so that customers can rest assured to do their own business, and leave other things to us. In addition, we have a lot of QC procedures for products, which are more stringent. For products of the same price, we ask ourselves to make better quality. For products of the same quality, we ask ourselves to do better service for guests.

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