FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (5)

1.What’s the difference between mechanical watch and quartz watch?

A: The simplest is that the mechanical watch does not need to change the battery, the quartz watch has a battery

Mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz watches

Mechanical watches are more classic and look more luxurious, and quartz watches look more simple and stylish

The movement of a mechanical watch has a long life. The weight is also heavier than the quartz watch. The manufacturing process of mechanical watches is very delicate. Every mechanical watch is a craft. Mechanical watches have a full traditional texture and are more expensive than quartz watches. It looks more luxurious, has a very high collection value, and the degree of preservation is unmatched by quartz watches.

2.What’s the difference between sapphire glass and ordinary glass?

A: Sapphire has high hardness, is very wear-resistant, and is very clear. Ordinary glass is not hard enough to scratch easily.

3. What straps we are using now?

A: According to customer requirements. At present, our customers generally use the first layer of leather, occasionally imported leather from Italy.

4. What’s difference between domestic leather and Italian leather?

A: We generally don’t use domestic leather. The Italian leather is soft, delicate to the touch, and the leather is even. It is very comfortable to wear on the hand. Domestic leather is relatively hard and rough.

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