FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (4)

1.What’s the quality of your watches? we want high quality watches.

A: Let’s see who compares the quality of our watches. If it is comparable to a famous brand such as Rolex, we will definitely not be able to match it. If it is of the same quality, you can buy one and go back to test.

Once a customer came to our exhibition, he originally wanted to place an order with their old supplier. when he saw that we had similar styles and compared that we were better, he placed an order with us. I don’t know if this case can answer your question

The watch consists of many parts, each of which has a different quality grade. If you want high quality, we will match high quality accessories. If you only want a very low price, but high quality, we may not be able to do it.

2. Why your price so high?

A: First, factories are not necessarily cheap, and traders are not necessarily expensive. A customer asked us to buy a watch, but it ended up selling cheaper than us. Do you want to know how he operated?

We can video conference with you to show our factory. You can also visit our factory when you come to China. As for the price, it depends on the specific product. Our price is definitely not the cheapest, but compared to our products and services, as well as customer support, it is not expensive.

3. Why your boxes price so high?

We have more cheaper boxes, but we really can’t do it for this design you asked. You can order from other place if people can offer you 1usd, and ask them ship to us, we will help you pack the watches with boxes well.

4. Can you make warranty card?

A: Yes, we can design for you.

Yes,we can make free designs for you, but it will have a cost if you want buy

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