FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (2)

6.Q:Can the leather strap touch water?

Yes, it’s OK. The leather is genuine leather, so the color of the water inlet belt will become darker, and the color will be restored after drying. The belt is a consumable item. For long-term use, try not to soak in water. We also make bottom waterproof belts for our customers, but the use feels comfortable and soft without being waterproof. Because the belt is genuine leather, it will smell bad if it is not dried in time after touching the water.

7.Q:Are you a factory or a trader?

A: We have our own watch factory and assembly factory. We bought other watch accessories from others. But those factories have cooperated for many years, so the cooperation is very tacit.

8:Q: Where is your company?

A:Our company is located in Shenzhen, an hour’s drive from Hong Kong.

9.Q: What brand are you working with?

A: Many brands. For example, cluse, paul hewitt, vincero, weirdape, DS, some customers we signed a confidentiality agreement, can not be disclosed.

I believe you also heard from other suppliers that they make goods for many brands. In fact, these are not important. What is important is the quality of the goods that are really made. The professionalism and service you feel in communicating with each supplier. Attitude is the most real

10.Q: Can you do DROP SHIPPING? How much is the shipping cost ?

A: Yes, our customers place the order for us and we ship to their shipping agency when the watches finished. The shipping agency ship one by one according to their requirement. About the shipping cost, please directly negotiate with the shipping agency. The price is about 8-12USD.

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