Do you know the maintenance and taboos of watches?

Nowadays, there are many people who like to wear watches, but watches are also precision machinery and require maintenance and care. However, small accidents everywhere in life can cause irreversible damage to the watch. Correct use and maintenance of the watch can extend the life of the watch a lot. But do you know how to take care of your watch?


1. For watches without anti-magnetic function, the external reasons for the inaccurate time are mostly the large amount of magnetic fields in our modern life. When removing the watch, you should place the watch away from wires, speakers, computers and other high magnetic fields, and do not place the watch above the refrigerator and TV to prevent the watch from being magnetized. Whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, they are afraid of magnetic fields. For mechanical watches, because most of the movement components are made of steel, they are susceptible to interference from magnetic fields. If the watch is close to a strong magnetic field, the hairspring of the movement will be magnetized, which will affect the speed of travel. Quartz watches are afraid of magnetic fields because there is a stepping motor inside the quartz movement. After being affected by a strong magnetic field, the rotor will stop at a fixed position, so that the second hand will stop.

2. How to judge that the deviation of watch time is due to magnetism? Find a pointer-type compass and bring it close to the watch. If the needle of the compass is deflected, it means that the watch is magnetized.

3. Degaussing is the only way to solve the time deviation. Send it to the customer service center or repair shop, without opening the cover, directly use the degaussing machine to degauss, and the watch will return to normal in 2 seconds. If it is inconvenient to go to the repair center, you can find an iron block with a circular shape in the middle and not magnetized. Place it on the table and slowly wear the watch through the circle of iron blocks. The magnetism on the watch will be ironed out. Block absorption; you can also put the watch on a clean iron plate that is not magnetized, so that the magnetism of the watch will gradually disappear after two days.

water proof

1. The waterproof performance of the watch is usually divided into: non-waterproof (no logo on the back cover of the watch), sweat-proof (SWEAT-RESIS-TANT), general waterproof (WA-TER-RESISTANT), 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR), 50m waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR), diving watch 100m waterproof, 200m waterproof, 300m waterproof, etc. But the premise of this standard is that the test is under laboratory conditions: the temperature is maintained at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, and the watch and water are in a static state. Even an ordinary diving watch only refers to its water resistance at room temperature. When affected by large temperature changes, such as going to a sauna or being impacted by ice water, it will affect the normal service life of the watch. At high temperatures, the lubricating oil not only diffuses and loses quickly, but also oxidizes and deteriorates, thus losing its lubricating effect; sudden temperature changes, such as sudden ice water stimulation, will easily condense and fog the air in the watch. At the same time, the waterproof glue of the watch The ring is also prone to accelerate aging under the action of thermal expansion and contraction, which affects the waterproof performance of the watch. Remember, in our daily life, the 30 meters in the waterproof standard is only waterproof and can be worn for washing hands and face; 50 meters can be rinsed with a small amount of cold water, not soaking; 100 meters can be in the swimming pool or Use on the surface of the sea; diving is only possible if it is above 200 meters.

2. If you accidentally get water, you must keep in mind that nothing except hair can be dried with a hair dryer. When the watch is damp, you can press dry cotton on the watch and bake it with a 40-watt light bulb for 5 minutes. The moisture on the surface and the inside can be evaporated. Do not bake the watch directly near the fire to avoid suffering the watch. Thermal deformation. However, if there are water stains on the inside of the watch mirror or on the dial, you must go to the repair center for the repairer to deal with it.

In summer, try to wear strap watches as little as possible, because the straps will stick to the wrists after sweating, making the wearer uncomfortable, and the sweat stains on the straps are extremely difficult to clean. Long-term wearing will not only produce peculiar smells, but also deform, harden or even make the straps. fracture. The steel strap is easy to slip when wet with sweat. For the rubber strap, it is not afraid of water but oil. The material will gradually harden and break, and it is an irreversible process. The most commonly used material for watches is stainless steel, whose main components are nickel and chromium, and elements such as nickel and chromium are easily corroded by strong acids and alkalis. The sweat discharged from the human body contains hydrochloric acid. When wearing a watch, if it is often touched by sweat or allowed to accumulate acid-base salt and dirt and not cleaned up in time, signs of corrosion will gradually appear on the strap and case. If your watch is waterproof above 50 meters, you can rinse the strap under the faucet to wash off the sweat. The simple solution is to use a soft toothbrush dipped in cleaning agent to gently scrub and dry with a soft cloth.

However, for the sake of safety, it is recommended to go to a professional repair point to clean it with an ultrasonic instrument. When the strap produces a peculiar smell, dip the toothbrush in a little soapy water, quickly scrub the dirty place, and then wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. In order to prevent soapy water from penetrating into the cortex, the entire process is best completed within 20 seconds. In addition, you can also apply some leather oil on the watchband. The leather oil has a protective effect on the watch, which can make the maintenance work more complete.

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