Comparison of mechanical watches and quartz watches

Features of mechanical watches:

1. Mechanical watches are different from quartz watches in that the second hand of a mechanical watch moves continuously without interruption.   

2. Due to the complexity of the mechanical watch movement, the time error is relatively large (depending on each brand). Generally, the allowable range is +-45 seconds. The error of the chronometer movement is relatively small. The error of a day is normal within -4/+6 seconds. The time error of the mechanical watch cannot be accumulated, and the watch needs to be adjusted after a period of time.   

3, fine craftsmanship, easy to use, can walk more than 36 hours on the spring.   

4. The movement has a long service life.   

5. The appearance is thicker and heavier than quartz watches (depending on each brand). Some brands are also very thin, but they are generally manual mechanical watches.  

Characteristics of quartz watch:   

1. The time and second hand of a quartz watch is one frame and one jump, and the time is very accurate. Generally, the monthly difference is required to be within 15 seconds. There are two kinds of three hands and two hands.   

2. Integrated circuits are used in the movement, which has a much simpler structure than a mechanical watch movement and is very easy to assemble.   

3, easy to use, no need to wind up, a battery can generally be used for 2-3 years. However, some quartz watches use lithium batteries, which have a long service life, about 7-8 years.

4. Quartz watches are relatively cheaper than mechanical watches (same brand and the same style), but some high-end brand quartz watches are expensive because of their good brand, good appearance materials (18K gold or diamonds or precious metals), and excellent appearance design, leading to some quartz watches The value is much higher than that of general mechanical watches.

Comparison of the two:   

1. Mechanical watches need to be wound / quartz watches do not need to be wound   

2, the mechanical watch case is relatively thick / the quartz watch case can be very thin   

3, the mechanical watch is marked as Automatic / the quartz watch is marked as Quartz   

4. Mechanical watches have an error of several seconds or even tens of seconds per day/Quartz watches have an error of 0.5 seconds per day   

5. The cost of mechanical watches is relatively high/quartz watches are low-cost, multi-functional

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