Classification and characteristics of watches

Many people who are new to watches do not understand the types of watches. They don’t know which one is right for them when they choose. Let me introduce the classification and characteristics of watches to these friends!

Mechanical watch

The oldest type of watch has a long history. It generally refers to a watch that uses clockwork to store power. The beginning of all power: from the clockwork to the second, third, fourth, fifth (escapement wheel), the clip and then to the balance wheel, and then the balance wheel reacts to the clockwork to restore it In the previous position, in this way, the entire operation process can be repeated and continue to generate power.

Mechanical watches can be divided into manual mechanical watches and automatic mechanical watches.

Manual mechanical watch: By turning the adjustment handle manually, the winding system drives the mainspring to wind up.

Note: When winding the chain for the first time, it needs to be wound to 100%, and write down the number of turns of the adjustment handle, and then wind it to 80% or 90% in the same way in the future. Do not wind the chain excessively to avoid breaking the mainspring.

Automatic mechanical watch: rely on the swing of the arm to provide power, so as to achieve the effect of automatic winding.

Note: The automatic watch has an unwinding device, so it cannot be wound 100%. When the watch stops, just wind it a few times to let the mainspring walk, and then rely on the swing of the hand to achieve the winding effect.

Quartz watches

This second-generation watch generally refers to a watch that uses a battery and a quartz oscillator to calculate the time. Its movement is made of quartz. It is now commonly divided into analog quartz watches and digital quartz watches. The largest feature is accurate timing, within the normal temperature range, the monthly error is only within ±15-20 seconds.

Quartz watches are divided into analog quartz watches and digital quartz watches:

Analog quartz watch: After using the power of the battery to generate the frequency of the quartz, the IC board is used to divide the frequency and control the coil and the magnet to drive the gear train to rotate. The hour and minute hands are basically driven by electricity.

Digital quartz watch: The basic principle is the same as the analog quartz watch, but it does not have a gear train, and directly displays the time by LCD.


Solar watch

Solar cells are made of silicon wafers with extremely high purity. This kind of silicon wafer has undergone extraordinary treatment to form two extremely thin layers. When sunlight or light shines on the surface of the silicon wafers, light energy can be converted into photocurrent and Light voltage. Electric current flows from the high-voltage solar cell to the low-voltage watch battery to be charged. In order to prevent the solar battery voltage from being too high to damage the watch battery, there are diodes and resistors inside to act as a buffer to protect the life of the watch battery.

Note: Of course, it is inevitable to check regularly. In addition, please note that plastic or bamboo tweezers must be used when replacing the battery. The use of metal tweezers may easily cause a short circuit.

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