Chinese New Year is coming, time to prepare watch stock now! – Part 1

Every year when closing to Chinese New Year, Foksy sales will contact each customer and suggest them to prepare the stock for Feb and March. Why should we do that? This has to be explained from our New Year culture.

Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in China, everybody will back to their hometown, it stands for eliminating the past and welcoming the new year, celebrating the harvest, worshiping the gods and worshiping the ancestors, driving away evil spirits, and praying for the new year, etc.

Although many great changes have taken place in the form and activities of the current Chinese New Year with the changes of the times and the development of society, many people still believe that the current Chinese New Year represents the happiness of family reunion. As the saying goes, “No matter have money or don’t have money, go home for the New Year.” Throughout the year, the family usually rushes around, studying, working, earning money, etc. When the Chinese New Year coming, we don’t judge you make money or not, the key is that the whole family can return home safely and happily, achieve a reunion, and live happily together. This new year, so as to cordially feel the family happiness and well-being of the family.

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