Special Color For Apple Watch Case

There is an army green color with a black bezel stainless steel case and band for apple watches We have


How to make your own brand watches from Foksy?

Foksy is a 16 years customized watch factory, we only do OEM/ODM watches to help people create their own brand


How Popular Of FOKSY’s Apple Watch Case?

FOKSY is a custom-made traditional watch factory, but since we took a fancy to the Apple Watch market, we have


New Luxury Miller Style Apple Watch Case

As we all know, the apple watch case and strap very popular in the market, and FOKSY still developing new


The 3 most popular watches in 2021 from Foksy

Foksy, are professional in helping our customers to put their own brand on the watches. Every month, we have 3-4


The difference between 304/316L/904L stainless steel band (2)

Most quartz watches in Foksy are using 316L stainless steel case and band. Each section is sharp and angular and


The difference between 304/316L/904L stainless steel band (1)

What is stainless steel?It is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water, or stainless steel. The commonly


New watch case for apple watch 7

Apple pointed out in its latest financial report that the sales of AppleWatch in the last quarter have reached Apple’s


What You Can Get From FOKSY?

FOKSY developing designs and watches since 2006, as famous brands qualified supplier, our advantages gain us an extremely strong customer base


How big is the market for Apple Watch cases (2)

Our Apple watch cases are currently sold in more than 50,000 in the world, such as Japan, South Korea, the