Apple watch case Series 7

Apple released the apple watch series 7 in 2021, both in terms of design and function, which are upgraded from the previous series 6 watches. The size has changed from the original 40mm and 44mm to 41mm and 45mm. The larger screen of the watch means that we need to change some designs to make a new case.

First of all, from the screen, the size has become larger. Therefore, how to make the case and the watch screen perfectly match is a new challenge.If you have used the Apple Watch Series 7, you will know that there will be a blue line from the screen off to the screen on.If the watch case you purchased cannot show this blue line, it proves that the watch case you purchased does not match your watch.

And through some customer feedback, it is said that some other factory-produced watch cases have been experiencing some problems, such as insensitive buttons, such as inability to use the drainage function. But Foksy is trying its best to solve these problems, and has achieved certain results temporarily. If you are interested in Apple Watch cases produced by Foksy, please contact us.

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