Is the time error of mechanical watches getting bigger and bigger?–(二)

Let us continue to discuss the reasons why time error of mechanical watches generate.

The iron foam produced by gear friction for a long time will increase the friction between the gears, and the travel time will slow down, which will cause errors.

Magnetization of the watch is one of the common reasons for the slow movement of the watch. Even anti-magnetic watches cannot be placed next to some electrical appliances, because some parts are not anti-magnetic and will be magnetized over time. When the watch is magnetized, it needs to be demagnetized by a professional watch repair organization.

The relatively large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will change the geometric dimensions of the balance wheel and hairspring. Every small change in these key components will directly affect the oscillation period, which will change the torque transmission and swing of the mechanical watch wheel train. . Will produce errors.

All in all, whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, there are times when it slows down. What is the condition of your watch?

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