Is the time error of mechanical watches getting bigger and bigger?–(一)

Many people will ask why my mechanical watch is getting slower and slower and the error is getting bigger and bigger. In fact, there are no watches without time error. Both mechanical watches and quartz watches have a time error range, and this range varies from country to region. Today we will explore the reasons.

Insufficient power is often an important reason that causes the watch to go slow or even stop. Our mechanical watches are all self-winding movements and need enough movement to save power to supply the watch to work. In general, friends in the office or the elderly or people with low physical activity will often suffer from insufficient power of the mechanical watch due to insufficient wearing time (less than 8-10 hours a day), which will cause the watch to slow down.

No matter what brand watch, you can’t hit it hard, even if some watches have good shock resistance. When doing vigorous exercises, such as golf, tennis, boxing, etc., take off the watch, and don’t shake it too hard; when the watch is hit, some parts inside may loosen, causing the watch to slow down or stop moving. . Mechanical watches are more prone to failures when they are impacted due to their complex structure and close connections between various parts.

To prevent the watch from running slowly, we mainly take corresponding measures according to the reason of the watch. Pay attention to the winding of mechanical watches, and ensure the duration and amount of exercise for automatic mechanical watches every day.

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