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The latest news of the watch industry, such as the fluctuation of logistics prices, the latest customs policies of various countries, etc., mainly report the impact of major international events on the watch industry, including earthquakes, typhoons, epidemics, etc., and also introduce the latest news of international exhibitions and watch live broadcasts There will also be some news about auctions, new technologies, and new craftsmanship.


Promotoins for Black Firday !

Today there is a good news to share with you. Our company will launch a promotion for Black Friday. The


The business of foksy watches

Stories between foksy and customers, such as the business case of foksy and customers, successful cooperation between foksy and customers, etc. There are also various watch solutions designed by foksy for customers, such as creating new watch brands, expanding the watch market, and improving the watches Supply chain, etc., of course, there are also watch design concepts and the output of watch culture from all over the world.


How Popular Of FOKSY’s Apple Watch Case?

FOKSY is a custom-made traditional watch factory, but since we took a fancy to the Apple Watch market, we have


New Luxury Miller Style Apple Watch Case

As we all know, the apple watch case and strap very popular in the market, and FOKSY still developing new


The 3 most popular watches in 2021 from Foksy

Foksy, are professional in helping our customers to put their own brand on the watches. Every month, we have 3-4


Related knowledge of the watch industry, such as some common sense and terms in the watch industry, including watch classification, watch maintenance skills, etc., foksy will also teach readers how to choose a good watch supplier and what a good watch should look like, Including watch materials, watch craftsmanship, etc., foksy will also introduce some knowledge about the development history of the watch industry and watch production processes.


FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (4)

1.What’s the quality of your watches? we want high quality watches. A: Let’s see who compares the quality of our


FAQ: Know more about FOKSY (3)

What is the difference between screw crown and rotating crown? A: Most of our watches with normal crown, if you


Metal materials used in watches

Metal material 1. Precious metals    (1) Platinum Platinum is a rare and expensive natural pure white metal. It is


The official announcement of the foksy watch company generally includes various promotional activities, holiday notices, etc. There will also be foksy watch business adjustments, foksy company news, foksy’s forecasts on the watch industry, various data reports, etc., if you are foksy watch company Customers, please pay attention to this channel. The changes in foksy will directly affect the business of all foksy customers.


Notice about the holiday of Foksy Company

In response to the country’s holiday arrangements, combined with the company’s actual work situation, the 2021 National Day holiday arrangements


Notice about the holiday of Foksy Company

In response to the country’s holiday arrangements, combined with the company’s actual work situation, the 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday arrangements